Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know ViroSafe actually works?

An iMonnit app and link is provided that monitors ViroSafe through the internet and provides you current Ozone levels and historical data of operation.

A green light will turn on at the end of the sanitation cycle by the integral computer that verifies the Ozone concentration and the time duration required has been met.

You may also be able to smell the Ozone, which has a very distinct smell, similar to what you would experience after a thunderstorm of lightning producing Ozone.


Is Ozone harmful?

Ozone can be hazardous to humans, pets or plants at levels above .1 ppm (parts per million) for any significant amount of time if inhaled. OSHA has established guidelines for building occupancy of < .05 ppm.

ViroSafe operates after normal business hours. Motion detectors, alarms and flashing lights insure safe operation.

Ozone returns to its natural Oxygen (O2) state within 3 hours.


Why do I need a ViroSafe system after a Covid-19 vaccine release?

Currently around the world there are coronaviruses that commonly infect humans e.g. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, N1H1 (Swine Flu), N5H1 (Bird Flu) and most recently 2019-nCoV, which are continuously circulating and mutating. ViroSafe eliminates all of them!

Annual flu vaccinations target the viruses that are predicted to be the most prevalent each season, often they are less than 50% correct, and less than 60% of individuals actually get the flu shot.

Last year more than 56 million Americans got the flu.


Do I still need to clean with a ViroSafe system?

Most cleaning solutions don’t disinfect and most disinfectants don’t clean.

Daily cleaning is no longer enough.

Activating ViroSafe in your facility daily, circulates Ozone throughout your HVAC system to disinfect and sanitize, getting rid of bacteria, and viruses.

ViroSafe eliminates odors and leaves a very fresh smell.


 Why do I want to pay for a product I do not get paid directly or indirectly for in return?  How do I recover this expense? 

It's difficult to put a value on the safety and health a person receives from reduced exposure to viruses and bacteria.  I believe it is very likely a school or business would see a significant decrease in the number of sick days in attendance of employees, students, teachers, not to mention parents!  There's probably a way every business can calculate the increase in productivity and efficiency.  It might surprise you!


I may be providing a great service to my customer, but if they don't recognize it or demand it, why do I want to spend money on it? 

We provide window/entry stickers and brochures that explain ViroSafe and our technology of eliminating viruses and bacteria.  Customers will soon recognize your commitment to their health and well-being.  You will be viewed as a leader in taking the right steps to mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria in your establishment.


As a supplier of education, daycare, restaurants, doctor and dental services, etc., how do I transfer a recognizable value to my customer?

Maybe a simple message on a transaction receipt or other media forms commonly used in your business with your clientele that might read:  "Thank you for placing your trust and commitment in our establishment for its cleanliness and sanitation with ViroSafe.  Your health is very important to us!"


The benefit is not visible to the client or his customer.  It is hidden, little understood and is in the background.  How can I bring this to the front?

If the ViroSafe unit was placed in an out-of-the-way but visible high traffic area, it would raise questions about its purpose.  This would be a great educational tool and generate very positive responses.


What other ways is Ozone currently being used?

The utilization of Ozone as a disinfectant is common practice in hospitals, commercial water purification, food processing and hotel/housekeeping industries.

Ozone is regularly used in sanitizing and disinfecting CPAP devices and accessories.


Is ViroSafe as effective as Peroxide Fogging, Ion Exchange or UV (Ultraviolet) systems?

ViroSafe is more effective; it sanitizes all exposed surfaces which air can reach with no byproducts.

Unlike ViroSafe, fogging systems produce a micro-mist that settles on surfaces and leaves a residue that may require 4 – 10 minutes to be effective.

UV (Ultraviolet) systems are only effective on exposed surfaces that the light can reach.

Ion Exhange is an air filtering system and does not disinfect.

Ozone is not just another disinfectant, it is a true sterilant that eliminates bacteria and viruses.


Can I lease vs. purchase the ViroSafe system?

Lease, Lease-Purchase options are available

We offer a purchase program of our technology which includes an annual service fee in year one.

Our purchase program comes with a first year warranty.

We provide annual maintenance and system upgrades as required.


Are there on-going maintenance cost?

The ViroSafe systems maintenance or replacement cost for any parts are covered in the agreement.

Unlike fogging systems which require ongoing labor costs and chemical replenishment.


Why should I choose ViroSafe over other commercial Ozone products?

You can remotely monitor all ViroSafe systems through the internet iMonnit app.

All ViroSafe systems have built in alarm and safety features.

ViroSafe will install all Ozone systems free of charge.

There are no added labor cost operating a ViroSafe Ozone system.




Around the world, sanitizing surfaces and eliminating air-borne contaminants is more important than ever.

More than just deep cleaning, ViroSafe sanitizes, disinfects and deodorizes.