1. Position the Mobile Unit in the center of the area to be sanitized. Face the Mobile Unit directionally so the Motion Detector on the front door panel will not pickup objects disturbed by air movement. Orient the Mobile Unit so lights are visible.
  2. Position the Mobile Unit beneath the HVAC return air vent with the HVAC fan in the ON position. If using the HVAC, first verify that the air circulation is contained to the area being sanitized! This is an excellent way to sanitize the duct work and is recommended.
  3. Plug the Mobile Unit into a wall outlet (20 amp circuit). Set the Timer for the amount of treatment time determined. Set the Timer for 1 (one) hour to kill viruses, mold and bacteria. Set the timer to a longer period of time for odors. Some highly offensive odors may require 2-3 hours.
  4. Push and release the Motion Detector by-pass switch, located on the front door panel above the sensor, which will stop the Green Light flashing and allow a window of time of ~ 60 seconds to depart the treatment area.
  5. From a visual position outside of the range of the Motion Detector, and away from the Mobile Unit, insert the Key Card into the Card Receiver to activate the ViroSafe Mobile Unit. A solid Red Light will turn on, a Yellow Light will begin flashing and an Audio Alarm will sound indicating the Mobile Unit is operational.
  6. Once the sanitation cycle has completed the solid Red Light will shut off and a solid Green light will turn on, indicating the desired set time was achieved. The Yellow Light will remain flashing until ozone levels fall below .1ppm and the area is safe to re-enter.
  7. To turn off the unit Remove or Pull the Key Card up into a half insert position in the Card Receiver.