• Do not activate ViroSafe until everyone is out of the treatment area.
  • When activated a flashing Yellow Light and a solid Red light will turn on along with a Buzzer sound. You must exit the treatment area immediately and not disrupt the motion detector which has an exit timer of 60 seconds.
  • If Motion is detected while in operation, ViroSafe will shut down for 60 seconds and restart automatically. During this time, a Green Light will flash and turn back to a Red solid light when the operation resumes.
  • The Yellow Light will continue to flash as long as ozone levels are not safe to be in the building.
  • At the end of a successful treatment a solid Green light will indicate ViroSafe has completed its operation cycle. If the treatment was not successful, a Red flashing light will appear. If this condition occurs, contact AWPI.
  • Ozone returns to its natural Oxygen (O2) state within 2 hours.
  • Ozone can be hazardous to humans and pets if inhaled at levels above .1 ppm (parts per million) for any significant amount of time. OSHA has established guidelines for building occupancy of < .05 ppm for greater than 8 hours.
  • Ozone is not plant friendly and will damage living plants over frequent exposure.
  • Activating ViroSafe in your facility daily circulates Ozone throughout your HVAC system to disinfect and sanitize, getting rid of viruses, bacteria, mold and odors.
  • ViroSafe eliminates odors and leaves a very fresh smell.
  • The utilization of Ozone as a disinfectant is common practice in hospitals, commercial water purification, food processing and hotel/housekeeping industries.
  • You can remotely monitor all ViroSafe systems through the internet iMonnit app you have been provided.


The New Normal in cleaning is not extended cleaning. The New Normal is cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting the facility on a constant basis. Cleaning is no longer enough! We know that simple cleaning will not stop the spread of a cold, not to mention a highly infectious virus spreading througout the population.